As Cella’s Senior Director of Technology Consulting, David Iscove is an influencer in the adoption of cutting-edge technology solutions related to enterprise-scale marketing and creative operations, content production, personalization at-scale, and omnichannel delivery. That’s because he believes in empowering creatives with the right tools for each job. He’s also extremely passionate about avoiding compromise. In fact, David has focused his career on solution architecture, creative automation, and data enablement - the heavy lifting behind the scenes which provides the foundation for creatives to do what they do best…be creative!! An expert in high-volume, digital asset management (DAM), he produced and managed content for Activision’s Guitar Hero franchise (25+ million units sold) and is the former director of archives for Capitol Records.

In his free time, David participates in Web3 organizations such as the Content Authenticity Initiative and Blockchain Entertainment Consortium to leverage NFT smart contract technologies to verify creator rights and fight the spread of misinformation.