As a 23-year veteran of the staffing industry, Terra lives by the truth that successful growth occurs only with the best people. Accordingly, she's focused a great deal of her time on enhancing and maintaining the culture of our company’s portfolio, and ensuring that our teams are brimming, exclusively, with only A players. That’s because, above all, we’re in the business of helping people—not only to find meaningful work, to develop meaningful work, and to push their organizations forward in a meaningful way. And besides, don’t all A players want to work alongside other A players?

Terra and her husband live in suburban Maryland, where she stays busy raising three daughters under the age of 10. She loves traveling with her family and seemingly never tires of hearing, “When are we going to get there?” Dedicated to philanthropic efforts, Terra devotes time to advancing childhood cancer awareness and supporting the pediatric cancer community through outreach and raising funds for research. She holds a bachelor’s degree in both marketing and accounting from Shepherd University in West Virginia.