Illuminate by Cella

An event you couldn’t miss, Illuminate by Cella 2023 brought together top digital, marketing and creative experts, providing them the opportunity to discuss common goals and challenges. As Cella’s signature professional development conference, Illuminate 2023 presented transformational thought leadership and notable industry figures. Participants experienced one-of-a-kind instruction and walked away with actionable solutions to apply immediately. 

Illuminate 2023 Recap

In 2023, we brought together top thought leaders to demonstrate a new way to think about customer experience, featuring the most relevant topics:

  • Adopting an operational metric strategy that works for your organization
  • How AI is reshaping traditional roles and organizational structures
  • Emphasizing individualized CX that moves from mere personalization to a hyper-personalized approach
  • Defining customer experience
  • Finding the best project management tools for your team

Illuminate brings together the top creative, digital and marketing leaders to discover what’s new, now and next in the industry, while creating a space that provides quality time with industry pros and peers that you can't get any other way.

There's nothing more important to Cella than our clients. We believe it’s crucial that our relationship with them is real and relational, not transactional. At Illuminate, we offer content you won’t find anywhere else. We hope to see you at the next Illuminate by Cella conference.

Jackie Schaffer
Global Head, Cella by Randstad Digital

Professional development is very hard to prioritize. We've all got fires burning in our organization, and we don't take time to enrich ourselves so that we can be better tomorrow. And being at a conference like this makes you do that and remember how important it is.

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