Organizational Strategy & Design

What worked yesterday, may not work tomorrow. And what works tomorrow, might not be the right answer a month from now. When you connect with Cella, you’re building on to your already existing team with forward-thinking experts whose main priority is preparing you for what’s next. With a sound organizational strategy, we help you maximize your team’s performance by adapting to ever-changing work, including shifting volume, requirements and dynamics, and broader corporate structure shifts. We’ve got you.

Forward-Thinking In A Changing Landscape

Our expert organizational consultants have worked with many companies to help them stay ahead of the game, and we can help you too. Our proven methodology includes:

  • Team Structure
  • Role Definition and Delineation
  • Role Leveling and Career Paths
  • Compensation Benchmarking
  • New Capability Design and Stand Up
  • Capacity Planning and Resource Management
  • Flexible Staffing Models
  • Process Dependencies
  • Service-level Agreements
  • Operational-level Agreements
  • Funding Model Optimization
  • Department-level Cost Analysis
  • And so much more

Industry benchmarks also shape our methodology. We’ve done hundreds of consulting engagements and collected data from more than 500 large corporations as part of our Annual In-House Creative Industry Surveys.

Cella also offers the RACI Workshop. In these sessions our Consulting team uses the RACI method (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed) to clarify roles and responsibilites across key activities or tasks, and at each intersection, to help our clients assign the correct level of responsibility to a person or role. 

Let our experts help get your organizational strategy ready for the future.

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