Creative and Marketing Technology Strategy And Implementation

Technology continues to play a critical role in helping in-house agencies and creative teams stay relevant and ready for the future––and run their operations most efficiently. Our team of creative process and technology experts has on-the-ground knowledge to help you maximize the ROI of your in-house agency. Putting Passion to WorkTM is our mission and we promise to deliver it to you. 

Maximize ROI
Our process and technology experts have worked with hundreds of companies–– including many Fortune 500––helping them via ad-hoc or turnkey services to maximize their returns on their technology investments. Whether you’re seeking or implementing tools for marketing and creative project management, automated workflow, digital asset assessment and more, we’ve got the know-how and the technology to measure how your in-house agency stacks up.
Maximize your return on investment with our creative technology strategy and implementation services.

How we can help.
We’re ready to support you through all stages of your technology procurement lifecycle including:
  • Technology Ecosystem Architecture and Roadmap Development
  • In-Depth Requirements Analysis and Scorecards
  • Technology-Enabled Workflow Design
  • Operational Metrics Strategy and Reporting/Dashboards
  • RFP Development and Vendor Reviews
  • Technology Business Case Development
  • Implementation Planning and Project Management
  • Tool Configuration and Testing
  • Change Management and Adoption Training
Maximize results.
We’ll work with you to get the most value from your technology solutions, including:
  • Improved collaboration, communication and team culture
  • Clearer metrics and reporting to drive sound management decision-making
  • Productivity
  • Reduced level of effort by creatives
  • Compliance
Our Secret Sauce? The Cella Trifecta
    We have the right people—the best and most passionate in the business.
    We understand our clients. We’re a team of experts, for experts
    We deliver results. We don’t just know how to do it, we do it for you.
Have technology questions about selecting the right Creative Stack to future-proof your in-house agency?