Maximize The Value Of Your In-House Agency

Many large companies and their creative leadership teams are considering a managed in-house model—to increase the use of their in-house agency and provide cost savings to the entire organization.

This is where Cella shines. We build and manage embedded creative teams and have implemented game-changing solutions for some of the world’s most renowned brands.

What does this mean for your organization? We’re glad you asked. We’re your secret weapon for creative, marketing and digital services. With Cella on your side, you get a proven model, including top-notch talent, stellar management and the maximum output from your in-house agency. We can do it all––and customize the experience for you. Plus, we intentionally make our process easy so you can focus on what matters most––your people.

We have the experience and leadership. Let us design, build and run your creative team for you.
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Why Choose Cella’s Agency Model
  • TIME
    Increase speed and efficiency and deliver responsiveness.
  • COST
    We offer the right size staff and best-fit talent for better productivity and cost savings.
    Best-in-class talent helps you deliver with greater accuracy, creativity and brand consistency, while delivering excellent service.
    Staff and process flexibility help you adapt to changing business needs with ease.
Forward-Thinking In-House Agency Model

Our model covers everything from relationship management, creative strategy and project intake through conceptual development, and production through output. We can handle it all. Cella manages full-service in-house agencies, production agencies and functional teams of any size. Find out more about our model.

Meet Our In-House Agency Experts
Meet the people who are leading our on-site, managed in-house agency teams for top brands across the country.

The Cella Trifecta

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We'd love to help support your Diversity Initiatives through team composition and creative output.