If you've resolved to land a dream job in the new year, this post can be helpful in jump-starting your top priority project. Here are 10 tips for making the most of your time and efforts as you embark on this exciting self assignment. Like all well-planned business ventures, it begins (and triumphantly ends!) with being organized.

  1. Set up a schedule. Set goals and create a daily or weekly schedule for staying on top of your A-game. Adhering to job search goals can help you stay focused and efficient.
  2. Freshen up. Update your resume and cover letters. Polish up your LinkedIn page. Let your references know that you're looking, and confirm that they still believe in you as much as ever.
  3. Go board browsing. Search listings on job boards, in classifieds, on company websites, association bulletin boards, et al. Let "eyes on the prize" be your mantra.
  4. Apply often. But be picky. Remember, you're worth it, so be selective. Make sure the job is a good fit.
  5. Network, network, network. Attend industry related networking events to meet some new contacts. Spread the word around your own circle, and use your network to help evaluate opportunities.
  6. Call an expert. Staffing agencies are premier sources of valuable information. Recruiters know what their clients are looking for and can help you with your resume and/or portfolio, the interview process and negotiating your salary. When working with a recruiter, make sure to stay in touch and ask questions.
  7. Stay organized. Make note of people you contact, when you communicate, the responses you receive, etc. The minutia of job seeking can be overwhelming. Good records help you keep things under control.
  8. Work the technology. Lots of tools are available to assist in your search. Track applications manually in Google docs, Excel or Word, or through a job management app/site like JibberJobber.com.
  9. Show your appreciation. Following up with a thank you note/email provides an additional moment of contact and could give you that added edge.
  10. Remember that you ROCK. If you don't get the job offer you were hoping for, keep trying. Be nice to yourself and keep your spirits up. That special opportunity is very near.

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