In talking to folks throughout the industry, I am hearing that the economy is hitting most regions, industries and companies pretty hard. In-house corporate creative shops are certainly feeling the pinch. Many creative executives are having to figure out how to "do more with less (or at least the same)." Not surprisingly, most creative shops are being asked to cut back -- to freeze their head count, to forestall the replacement of departing staffers, to delay replacing older equipment, or to reduce the costs of printing, for example. At the same time, many shops are experiencing a significant increase in workload, as their corporate clients take advantage of the savings they can realize by moving more production in-house. The challenge is in meeting this increased demand with less staff and resources. Few in-house creative shops were adequately resourced before the economy went south. Some proactive leaders are using this challenge as the basis for analyzing and re-engineering their internal structure, process and technologies. They have found that, with the right business case, they can spend some money to save more.

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