Marketing and Creative Departments are specialized services. Shouldn’t your consultant support be specialized too? To say how we work and how companies manage themselves have changed over the last couple of years is an understatement. As businesses are figuring out how to operate effectively and efficiently between the great resignation, remote vs. hybrid vs. onsite debate, and supply chain difficulties, it is not surprising that more and more corporations are turning to generic and large consulting companies to support their operations and services.

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Fortune 500 companies are proving to be very keen to bring in companywide consulting services to reimagine their business through these recent changes, but where does that leave the unique requirements of the Marketing and Creative departments? Already a largely misunderstood service offering within their organizations and much dwarfed in size ratio compared to their company's primary offerings teams, and they are now experiencing re-organization recommendations from external advisors with little or no expertise in this unique field.

If this is not enough, Marketing as a discipline is also going through a remarkable transformation with the demands to serving more individualized content in addition to developing more engaging customer and brand-centric messaging, leaving both the Marketing and Creative departments scrambling to make sense of suggestions and requests for change that often don't relate to the delicate balance of skill sets, volume and project types required and produced in our world.

However, you are not alone, and there is support out there for you that can supplement the generic business transformation engagement and simultaneously propel the Creative and Marketing service offerings into a future state in one go.

Planning now for how your team may require an operational strategic refresh will have you prepared to position and represent your department in the face of any restructuring that may be happening in your organization. 

Knowing how your department's organizational structure could enable a hybrid working model while increasing delivery capacity and moving towards a growth marketing mindset may become a key discussion point and provide you with a seat at the table when decisions are being made.

With the sharp increase in planned IT spend over the next five years, having a technology strategy map to demonstrate critical technologies that will allow marketers to plan their campaigns and engagements that will automatically provide visibility to creative operations to plan their resources accordingly while creative talent can easily access assets through a genuinely integrated Marcom echo system, will place your needs in the hands of the IT planners, ahead of the game.

Specialty departments like Marketing and Creative need and deserve the attention and support of subject matter experts in this area. With over 30 years of experience, specifically in Marketing, Creative and Digital operations, Cella is here to provide you and your team with the positioning, and business justification the financial controllers and c-suite need to hear and understand your unique needs. Let us provide you with the voice you need now.  

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