Let's face it, finding top-notch creative, marketing, digital and proposal professionals is tough. Employers are facing very heavy competition in today’s job market as they seek skilled professionals for their open positions.

The dynamic has not shifted in recent quarters; job seekers remain in the driver’s seat. In fact, job candidates are interviewing employers as much as employers are interviewing job candidates. That means you need to put your best foot forward based on a realistic understanding of what candidates are looking for in terms of perks and benefits, advancement opportunities, organizational culture and, of course, compensation. Enter your talent search being sure that what you're planning to offer is indeed competitive. Frankly, in this market, if you want top talent to join your company, you'll need to work for it. And that means you’ll need a strategic – but speedy and streamlined – hiring process.

Here's what candidates tend to seek most in prospective employers:

  • High compensation 
  • More robust perks and benefits offerings
  • Flexibility to work remotely
  • Clear opportunities for advancement

Following are tips you can use to help attract the best and brightest in the current job market:

Make sure your salary offerings are competitive. Do in-depth market research to benchmark your organization’s salary levels against what other companies offer for the same positions/functions in your industry. Do you need to make some salary adjustments to gain an advantage? Check out resources such as Cella’s 2022 Creative, Marketing and Digital Salary Guide and the Occupational Outlook Handbook from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

 Have immediate hiring needs?

Objectively assess your organizational culture (and then make any needed changes). Is your company or in-house agency living up to the stated values, mission, ethics and goals? Is your work culture modern? Does it appeal to new employees? Do you offer the flexibility that today’s employees say they want and need? What is your turnover rate? How many of your staff have you moved into higher positions? Rethink what's required today to keep employees satisfied, engaged and enthusiastic.

Focus on creating a positive candidate experience. You want candidates to feel welcome and respected through every aspect of the hiring process. That often comes down to offering clear and frequent communication each step of the way. And when you know you want to extend an offer, don’t dawdle. Top candidates have no shortage of opportunities at the moment.

Partner with a staffing expert. If you're having trouble either finding talent or sealing the deal when making offers to your top candidates, it’s often more efficient and cost-effective to let an outside resource do the work for you. In today's talent-driven hiring environment, difficulty filling positions is a common experience. Now’s the time to seek expert advice from a staffing agency that specializes in the creative and marketing space. Firms such as Cella have established pools of talent for both full-time and freelance needs. Reach out to a recruiter for insights and perspectives on the 2022 job market. They can offer valuable advice and options for filling your open roles swiftly and successfully.