Whether you are just beginning your career or have many years of experience, you may wonder when and how to focus on your professional development. In truth, sharpening your skills and expanding your knowledge should be an ongoing process.While the nature of your work itself may, ideally, provide continued opportunities to refine your expertise, seeking development opportunities within and outside your day-to-day routine can provide unique, varied perspectives that, when combined with your role itself, can accelerate your learning rapidly.

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Why Consider Professional Development?

  • Additional knowledge can help spark renewed interest in your discipline while keeping you sharp and up to date on the latest trends. 
  • Learning new skills or perfecting old ones is personally enriching and keeps you energized.
  • Producing new work will inspire fresh samples for your portfolio.
  • Networking and interacting with peers in your profession can open the door to new opportunities.

So, Where to Start? There Are Several Avenues

Formal training: 

Professional development often entails a  formal training process such as attending a conference, seminar, or workshop or taking a course at a college or university. It’s possible that your workplace may provide employees with a continuing education stipend; if this is the case, do some research on educational opportunities in your area of expertise and have a conversation with your manager(s) about how to proceed. 

Informal learning: 

Some of the most profound learning opportunities arise organically and unplanned — from an impromptu conversation or brainstorming session with a colleague to diving into your own studies. Whenever the opportunity arises, seek out independent reading, research, and opportunities to observe colleagues’ work. In this sense, your current role in and of itself can present endless growth opportunities.

Online Resources for Creative Professionals 

Cella is dedicated to helping creative professionals stay at the top of your game. Whether you are a graphic designer, a UX/UI designer, a marketing specialist, an editor, or developer, Cella has professional development resources for you. We have compiled a list of websites, videos, online subscriptions and tutorials that will help you stay current or gain new skills to further your career. Access them at your leisure and immerse yourself in training.

Online training for all topics:

Here are a few links to helpful creative resources: