Hiring professionals, does this sound familiar?

Awesome Employee #1 has resigned, and you need to backfill their position. You realize Awesome Employee #1 was doing the work of 2.5 people, and they’re taking all kinds of institutional knowledge with them, right out the door. How will you find a perfect replacement? You need to evaluate current marketing conditions, create an updated job description, vet resumes, screen applicants, interview multiple candidates, make an offer and await onboarding.

You sit at your desk wondering how you’ll ever get this done. 

(You also seriously consider climbing under the desk to hide.)

Ok, that’s a little much, but you get the idea: Hiring to fill even one role can seem daunting. From the internal preparation to the time commitment to the seemingly endless search process, it can be overwhelming to tackle hiring for the roles your team needs – roles that will have a negative impact on production and revenues if they stay open for too long.

Good news: You don’t have to do this alone. Partnering with a recruiting team that can handle all the pieces of the process for you can save time, streamline the process and ensure you find the right candidate the first time. The best part? This complimentary service lifts the burden off of your shoulders and positions you to find the industry leaders you need with the most in-demand skills that are exactly what your team needs.

Time management: We just found more hours in the day for you.

Do you need to backfill that job ASAP? Yes, you do. 

Do you have days of free time to compose job descriptions, vet resumes, screen candidates, and schedule and conduct interviews? No, you don’t.

Here’s the truth: Filling an open role can be time consuming. Many of our clients simply don’t have the extra time to dedicate to new staff recruitment and placement, so we ensure that every client receives custom service based on our proven methods.

You need a recruitment team that can:

  • Evaluate your current needs and team makeup

  • Write on-point, market-savvy job descriptions

  • Vet resumes and screen potential candidates

  • Keep you apprised of progress, providing rationale behind the candidates who have been chosen for interviews

  • Coach and prepare candidates for a quality interview

  • Listen to feedback from from you about candidates 

  • Facilitate the offer process

  • Celebrate the win with you

When you partner with a recruiting team that knows their business, you’ll find the talent you’re looking for in a fraction of the time. 

Think before you post: Do you know who you’re looking for?

When a position on your team is open, it’s a good time to pause and evaluate the needs of your team. Before you post that job description, think about what’s changed since the last time this position was filled. Are the demands on the team different? Does the job description accurately match the current responsibilities of the role?

If you don’t know for certain, it’s time to collaborate with recruiters who know how to assess the makeup of marketing and creative teams. A recruiting partner who provides a client assessment workshop will:

  • Outline the current market conditions for your organization’s recruitment needs

  • Problem solve and benchmark your team’s gaps/needs

  • Deliver an established method, structure and custom ideas for your organization

  • Understand the makeup of your digital, marketing or creative team 

  • Discover what success looks like for your team and deliver based on your standards of ROI 

 A full-service recruitment team can provide a client assessment workshop that enables companies to evaluate: 

  • Team structure - Which roles are currently represented on your team? Do you need to expand your team? Which roles and skills are non-negotiable? 

  • Leadership structure - Does the current structure work for the needs of the team? Do you need additional leaders or project managers to support workflows and production?

  • What’s working - Confirm that you have pros with the required skills for your team, and celebrate the successes. Where will a new team member fit into your existing structure?  

  • What isn’t working - If there’s a recent history of missing deadlines, overflow work or gaps in makeup of the team, now is the time to ask why and work with your recruitment partners to find solutions.

  • Team perspective - A recruitment partner can gather feedback from existing team members, find areas of agreement about the current state of work, and report their perspective. Listening to your team will give you insight and enable you to plan next steps for growth.

With a solid plan in place, your search process has a defined goal that will enable you to quickly find the talent you're searching for.

New and free: The benefits of working with a savvy recruitment team

Let’s face it: When you’re looking to find a new member of your team, you need a cost-effective solution and search method. When you work with a professional search team, you have pros in your corner who can provide complementary search services for temporary, contract or permanent placements. They handle the recruiting and hiring process from start to finish. The best part? There’s no risk for you. Until you hire a candidate they present to you, there’s no financial investment.

Working alongside a team that takes time to understand your needs can transform your recruiting and hiring experience. Consider whether the recruitment professionals you are working with provide end-to-end management of the hiring process: client assessment workshop, recruiting, screening, interviewing and making recommendations. With a proven method that works, your recruitment partner can find the exceptional professionals you need.

We are dedicated to hiring the right people for you. Our recruitment team can find the ideal candidate for your team. Search with the best. Search with Cella.