The pandemic created major shifts in both how companies interact with customers and in their work environments. With remote work here to stay and a 5% reduction in marketing budgets over the past year, our global economy has gone through a digital transformation and a shift in focus to growth marketing channels. As organizations continue to pivot in this new landscape, we are seeing increased demand for growth marketing jobs. 

Companies continue to implement growth marketing strategies to find, reach, and acquire customers, retain their loyalty, and increase revenue. As such, recruiting talent for growth marketing jobs has become a top priority. A range of specific skill sets may be required for different types of growth marketing jobs, but strong collaborative abilities are always crucial in order to implement the rapid experimentation inherent in growth marketing. 

Companies focused on growth marketing continue to hire for roles such as data scientists, data engineers, UX designers, growth marketing managers and content creators. These professionals can bring growth strategies to life and cut through all the noise to grab (and keep!) the attention of coveted customers. 


While traditional and growth marketing share common strategies, they have different end goals. Traditional marketing is focused on building brand awareness and selling finished products to increase revenue (think long-term projects with big budgets). Growth marketing is focused on growing the business as quickly as possible through innovative methods and rapid experimentation to develop new products (think short-term projects without large budgets). 


Not all growth marketing jobs are the same. Roles are evolving and expanding. Following are some of the fastest growing jobs in growth marketing today:

Growth data scientists leverage data and automation to solve impactful and complex business, marketing and growth problems by applying various analytical, statistical and programming skills. They work closely with a cross-functional team to interpret this data and develop data-driven strategies to optimize outcomes. According to LinkedIn’s 2021 Jobs on the Rise report, both data scientist and data engineer roles are growing at a 35% annual rate. Data scientist has been on this list for the past three years, and shows no sign of slowing down. 

Growth/data engineers focus on technical decisions to support implementation of growth experiments. They partner closely with data scientists and are responsible for developing and testing architectures that support data extraction and transformation of data into a format that can be easily analyzed. 

Growth marketing managers are responsible for creating strategies to attract and acquire new customers as well as retain existing customers and develop a roadmap for growth. They review the data to define realistic company growth goals and lead the growth team to reach these objectives by setting the tempo of the experiments. 

Growth analysts glean insights from the data output from the experiments conducted to give a complete picture of how each growth experiment is affecting the organization’s bottom line. 

Growth UX designers are highly analytical and strategic professionals focused on both growing the business and delivering a user-friendly product. This growth marketing job requires a wide range of skills, including prototyping, visual and UX design, and data analysis. A solid understanding of both back- and front-end development is typically necessary to ensure customer satisfaction by improving usability. It also requires functional understanding of a brand’s messaging and the ability to transfer it seamlessly throughout the user experience. 

Marketing/digital content creators should possess a diverse set of creative skills. These professionals are responsible for creating high-quality content to reach and engage your target audience.

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Many companies, particularly Fortune 500 firms, are actively hiring for growth marketing jobs. To succeed in a growth marketing role, you need to be driven, curious, creative, unafraid to take risks, able to quickly rebound from failures, and willing to pivot quickly. It’s an exciting time to be part of growth marketing! 

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