Process Evaluation & Custom Design

Boost your workflow efficiencies. With our team of experts, your in-house agency or creative department can develop more efficient creative, project management and business management processes that will lead to more effective operations.

Process Evaluation And Design: How It Works

What methods do we use?
We apply Agile, Waterfall and hybrid methods to workflows. We also apply various Workshops and Tools (Lean, Kaizen and Six Sigma) to envision and document improved processes. Cella’s proprietary methodologies are used to clarify roles, align resources, reduce variation, eliminate non-value add activities and improve communications.
Driving results
We’ve helped in-house agencies and teams of all shapes and sizes to strengthen and expand their processes with impactful results like:
  • Enriched collaboration, communication and team culture
  • Increased speed and productivity
  • Improved quality assurance
  • Ensured compliance
and more…
Gain Operational Buy-in
Identifying and removing waste in your processes, performing root cause analysis for process issues and documenting your newly optimized processes in preparation for implementation are all part of our process evaluation. But that’s only half of the battle. Buy-in across your organization is critical and getting everyone to accept change and follow new processes can be a challenge. Cella will help you foster a culture of continuous improvement so that you can meet your goal of driving real results. That’s why we provide necessary training and change management support and help you define the right metrics to measure your success.

Start with a process evaluation to identify your opportunities for improvement.

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