Unlock Potential With Our Managed Services Model

Unlock the potential within your in-house agency or creative department with our managed services model. Whatever your needs, we have a wide range of solutions:
  • Full-service in-house agencies
  • Production agencies
  • Functional teams
  • Content agencies
With our proven managed services model, expertise and leadership, we’ll bring you a tailored, game-changing solution to reduce external agency spend and increase the value of your in-house agency. Cost savings of this magnitude means you’ll be the hero to your clients and your entire organization!

Talk to us about building a Cella-managed in-house agency to increase the value of your team.

Driving Success With Cella’s Managed Services Model

Operational Excellence
Unlike other managed service providers, Cella has a dedicated resource management team to ensure your in-house agency is staffed with the best available full-time and freelance creative talent. Did we mention we’ve won awards for connecting top-notch creative, marketing and digital talent with organizations like yours? We’re the only creative staffing firm to win the Best of Staffing® Client and Talent Awards for 10 years running. ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing program, sponsored by CareerBuilder, Indeed and Glassdoor, recognizes companies who receive high marks for providing exceptional service.
Top Talent
Need an unbiased perspective to help you make critical decisions? Our diverse experience helping small companies to Fortune 100s means you’ll get an honest viewpoint from an industry expert.
Resource Flexibility
Budgetary and hiring process limitations often limit an in-house agency’s ability to expand and contract resources, develop new capabilities and operate as effectively as possible. Our managed services model solves that challenge by infusing your in-house agency with a “Core” group of dedicated, unparalleled professionals. In addition, you’ll have a “Flex” team of hourly contractors and freelancers who can be brought in as demand dictates. This model allows us to right-size and right-fit the staff as work volume fluctuates and your needs evolve.
Talent Development & Engagement
Investing in professional development and staying on top of creative industry best practices and trends allows leadership teams to adapt to ever-changing business needs quickly. For this reason, Cella’s managed team members have access to an industry best-in-class professional development program built by our in-house agency leadership. These opportunities, as well as ongoing staff relations activities, contribute to an exceptional employment experience for our in-house agency teams.

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