Is it time to reinvent the in-house agency? Or, at the very least, to rethink how your creative and marketing teams will deliver greater value in the years ahead? Many in-house agency leaders believe that a big transformation is in order--and they're gathering at our upcoming Cella Leadership Summit for insights on making it happen.

Benefit from the A-team of in-house agency expertise.
Out of all the leadership conferences scheduled this fall and winter, none offers what this Summit will provide: insights from Cella industry experts whose intimate and detailed knowledge of the in-house agency model comes from their first-hand, in-the-field experience. Come and learn how agencies of all sizes and industries are unlocking new value from our industry's evolving technologies and disruptive developments.

Dig deep into transformative changes.
Over a day and a half of sessions and discussions with our team and your peers, you'll collect tangible ideas and compelling data that can help you and your team stay in step with ever-advancing ways to excel and bring increased value to your companies.

  • Future Proofing - Cella Managing Director and respected team energizer Sophy Regelous will deliver tips on spearheading continuous improvement in times of rapid evolution.
  • The Skinny on Agile - Because one size never really fits all Naomi Blumenthal will explore hybrid Agile approaches and practical executions your agency can instantly bite into.
  • Real-World Lessons for Impact Today - Working closely with nearly 300 agencies enables our consulting team will provide a panoramic view of what best-in-class teams are doing and the lessons they've learned from their successes and misses. You'll love this panel discussion.
  • Creative Stack: The Missing Link - Technology guru Dan Mucha will update attendees on the emerging tools and platforms needed for digital dexterity and competitive advantage - as well as great creative, great service and certain ROI.
  • What's Next for In-House and External Agencies - I will lead this always-interesting topic as we discuss the how internal and external agencies are changing, the service mix of in-house agencies and related trends and opportunities.
  • Owning Change - According to industry thought leader Andy Epstein, agency heads who ensure that change happens will enable their teams to overcome the most common reason why in-house agencies fail to evolve.

Consider why you should invest your time at our inaugural Summit.
Opportunity - Interact with a group large enough to create robust dialogue, but small enough for productive Q&A exchanges and meaningful participation.
Content - Learn at sessions packed with carefully selected content delivered by our Cella in-house agency consultants adept at putting theory into practice on a daily basis.
Connections - Get to know other IHA leaders who truly share your challenges and can help inform your decisions.
Results - Gain strategic knowledge and tactical guidance that you can immediately incorporate to drive impactful results.

Pick the city that suits you best.
The Cella In-House Agency Summit will be presented in Chicago October 1-2, 2019 and in San Francisco January 28-29, 2020.

Join your peers in leadership positions.
Who should attend this pivotal Summit? Senior leaders of in-house agency and creative teams (including marketing, corporate communications and shared services), along with their vice presidents, managers and/or direct reports.

We can't wait to see you in Chicago or San Francisco. Top leaders of in-house agencies will be there--to help improve their service, enhance their creative, strengthen their value to the organization and better guide their teams into new opportunities. What about you? I'd love to have you join us.