Digital marketing is all around us. If you’re reading this blog via an email sent to you, for instance, that’s digital marketing. Information about a brand that you see on digital signage? Digital marketing. E-books, podcasts, social media content, SMS, MMS, search results? Yep, digital marketing. Ads you watch on connected TVs (CTV)? That’s digital marketing too. The digital in digital marketing is so crucial, some argue that every marketer is now part digital marketer. Long story short, there’s an increasing need for digital marketing experts. And we expect that need to only grow in 2022. 


To boil down the context a bit, digital marketing is a method where companies advertise, promote and otherwise provide audiences information on their product(s) or services via digital properties. The reason this method is so important is because a continually increasing amount of people are relying on all things digital to find information for a need they have. Different people seek different types of information at different stages of the buying journey. While this is nothing new, the strategy of marketers has shifted to providing the most relevant information to people that makes most sense for them based on where they are along their particular buying journey. So how do we know who these potential customers or clients are or where they are in their buying process? This is where the digital marketing expert comes in!


The digital marketer has specific experience including areas like: developing messaging for digital properties, creating and implementing omni-channel campaigns, serving segmented audiences with relatable content, and working with technology to inform an audience’s ever-evolving needs and behaviors. Performing those tasks above requires critical thinking and a keen ability to analyze data and convert it into actionable insights. Digital marketers must be adept at swiftly testing, measuring and refining their marketing strategies.

According to Cella’s 2022 Salary Guide, 70% of digital teams report higher work volumes due to changes in marketing priorities. These evolving marketing priorities require an expert to champion the benefits of digital marketing – and having that person dedicated to this effort will help accelerate a business’ digital transformation. 

Need a digital marketing expert?


Now that the importance has been laid out, some prep work should be accomplished before hiring a digital marketer: 

  • Marketing roles and terms are only as good as their definition; and definitions will vary. To avoid confusion and help manage expectations, define exactly what digital marketing means to your company.  
  • Define it in a way that uses your specific business objectives as examples. This will help key decision makers and stakeholders better understand the importance of the organization’s digital marketing initiatives and start to align their thinking with yours.  
  • Talk with fellow leaders in other areas and ask them their needs in this space.
  • Discuss current and future challenges and opportunities.
  • Detail what the person in the full-time or consulting role will do.
  • What change management is needed for this new role?
  • Discuss financial resources for this role’s use.
  • It’s best to know who and what will be available to help the person in the role succeed.
  • Evaluate what additional marketing or technical roles may be needed to support this role.

You’ll accomplish a few things simultaneously by diligently completing this prep work. By asking for the help and input of colleagues, you’ll educate the business about the need for a digital marketing expert, you’ll gain different perspectives, and you’ll ultimately better understand your company’s readiness for this type of role.             

Now that you have the most pertinent information, it’s time to start on the job description. Here are a few things to keep in mind when writing a job description:

  • Be specific about expectations for the digital marketing role.
  • Detail core tasks the person will be performing.
  • Highlight who the digital marketer will be reporting to as well as any direct reports they may have.
  • Address what you want the role to do for your company’s reputation and/or bottom line.

As you expand your digital marketing efforts, it is important to manage your expectations:

  • Remember that one person can only do so much. Set your digital marketer up for success by focusing on what you need the most help with at this moment.
    • Overloading a job posting with too many responsibilities will turn off potential candidates. 
  • Give people time and space to learn. 
    • It can take time to understand the nuances of your unique business, your unique audience, and your unique objectives. 
  • Consider seeking outside help and a bigger-picture perspective.
    • Tap a consultancy that specializes in the marketing and digital space to help manage your expectations and find what’s exactly right for your business.

Need big-picture help with your overall digital marketing efforts? Contact Cella for a Digital Content Operations Assessment today!