The growth marketing movement is surging across our industry, raising questions as it gathers momentum. This has prompted Cella to provide a two-part whitepaper series on the practice. In the first installment, The Wave of Growth Marketing and How In-House Agencies Can Get On Board, we discussed building the marketing and creative teams needed for successful growth initiatives. 

Now, in this follow-up paper, we cover processes, tools and deliverables needed to drive the promise of growth marketing forward. These include detailed profiles, or personas, of the market segment you’re targeting. Extensive data collection and analysis. Relevant content married with compelling design. Iterative testing and experimentation. All of which combine to produce the micro interactions that will move a potential buyer along the full customer life cycle—from their very first purchase through becoming loyal, repeat users of your products or services.

Download and read this whitepaper to learn:

  • How Does Data Inform Design?
  • Customer Influence on Martech Strategy
  • Experimenting Is Fun for Everyone
  • What Will Be Expected of Growth Marketing Creative Support?

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